The Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment fund. No part of the fund principal is used for grants or to pay for administrative costs. Only fund earnings are used to pay for grants or increase the fund principal. Annual grants totaling just over $4,000 are now made under the direction of the Board of Directors. Once the principal in this fund passes $1,000,000, annual grants will total over $70,000 at current rates of return. This community nest egg will serve to help many for years to come. the larger the Legacy Fund grows, the more it will give back forever. Gifts to the Legacy fund may be by check, credit card, transfer of stocks or bonds and by bequest from your estate.

If you are interested in donating to the Legacy Fund, please click here.

We acknowledge and thank many volunteers for their valuable time and resources in serving the CFLC. We especially thank our financial contributors for helping to move the Legacy Fund towards its goal. These contributors include, but are not limited to:


Aiello, Terry, in memory of Vern Edmunson

Alred, Catherine

Anderson, Karen

Angolani, Susan, and Wade, Michael

Annala, Ron

American Oxygen

Anonymous Donor (2017)

Anonymous Donor (2018)

Armstrong, Bill and Karen *
Barnett Phillis & Truman, in memory of Phillip Alan Barnett

Baumgartner, Julie 

Bell, Betty Ann

Berglund Family **

Bozarth, Jim

Brothers, Mary

Brunell, Herb and Anne,  in memory of Herb Brunell, Sr.
Bryant, Dan & Julie, in memory of Shirley Bryant

Calhoun, Deby and Danny

Campsmith, Evelyn ****

Candle Power

Caniglia, Carly and Steve ****

Cowan, Fred Construction **

Crown Real Estate in Memory of Dickie Clayton

Damron, Jodee and Don, in memory of L.L. Davis (2016) ***

Daniel, Sarah

Davis, Cindi and Riker in memory of Herb Brunell (2017), Chief Andy Coleman (2018), and Hazel Daves (2019) ******

Dimotta, Frank & Susan

Doubletree Glass

Durham, Ted / Sierra Blanca Motors in memory of Johnny Durhan (2016 and 2017) **

English, Miriam **

English, Randell and Greig, Jane

Farah, John & Clara *****

Gladden, Kerry, in memory of Kim Graham (2018)

Favis, Dr. Amanda / Ruidoso Animal Clinic **

Gann, Virginia F. Trust in memory of D.L. (Dink) Gann **

Gibson, Lori

Gremillion Easter, Diane, in memory of Jean Gremillion (2017 and 2018) ****

Griffin, William

Grooms, Andrew and Deb, in memory of Stephen Andrew Grooms (2018) **

Guthrie, Patrick and Kathleen

Head, Debra & Albon

Hemphill, John & Shannon ***

Hinkle III, Rolla R. 

Hinkle, Rosemary & Rolla ***

Hirschfield, Sunny

Holmes, Susan and George  

Hopson, DeMar & Hilton ****

Jacks, Dr. Gary L. *

Jendrusch, Chris & Kathy

Johns, James and Amy, in memory of Ruth W. Johns

Johnson Head, Debra, in Memory of Dorothy Kimsey 2016, Samuel Davis 2017​

Josie’s Framery, in memory of Stefan Seigmann (2017), Herb Brunell (2018), and L. Ray Nunley (2019) ***

Holmes, George and Susan

Holt, Joanie in memory of Bonnie Branson (2015), Bobby Holt (2016), and Dorothy Kimsey (2017) ****

Kidder, Lyn

Knobel, Ken & Cheryl

Lincoln, Don and Nancy

Lollar, Dean

Long, Linda & Bill

McCarty, Cynthia & William 

McRae, Billye & Tom

Michael J's Italian Restaurant (Susan Angolani and Michael Wade)

Miller, Jim and Nancy **

Minter, Harvey & Kathryn in memory of Eric Thompson

MMG Ranch, in memory of Dr. Leroy and Dorothy Smith **

Moss, Veronica and Jacob

Mote, Juanita ***

Mound, Carol in memory of Dick Mound

Mound, Dick

Murphy, Barbara

Noltensmeyer, Dave in memory of Peggy Noltensmeyer (2017) ****

O’Brien, Mike & Michelle

Olivas, Angie / Cozy Cabins Real Estate ***

Omness, Coda

Padilla, Erik

Pagano, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph ***

Parker, Roy and Judy **

Ponder, Will & Rebecca / Sacred Grounds Coffee and tea House **

Ranney, Nancy, in memory of Jeanene Gibbs

Ruidoso Animal Clinic

Salas, Anna Shippen

Santos, Marti ***

Sayner, Frank and Beth ****

Shafer, Scott & Rosemary ***

Sierra Blanca Pharmacy / Chris and Micah Woodul

Sierra Contracting Inc.
Silva, Frank & Karen, in memory of Trankie Silva

Smith, Dorothy **

Smith, Gary and Sue ***

Smith, Liz and Leroy, in memory of Ann Smith Pohlman (2016), in memory of Bonnie Jean Branson (2017), in memory of Josephine Pagano (2019) *****

Smith, Marshall,  in memory of Dr. Leroy & Dorothy Smith (2016) **

Stewart, Tom and Annette ***

Tippin, Walter and Margie ****

The Title Company, Inc.

Tordella, Jean, in memory of Marianne Talafuse

Treptow, Brad

Village of Ruidoso Staff

Waters, Sally L., DMD ***

Weaver, Mary / Mary Weaver Real Estate **

Whitaker, Kane and Rena / Enak Enterprises LLC

Williams, Dr. Vickie S. and Jackson, Dr. Gary *****

Wimberley, Sally, in memory of Kim Graham (2018, 2019) **

Witham, Archie

Wolfel, Dr. and Mrs. Donald

Zagone, Joan **

Zagone, Joe

* We'd like to extend an extra special

   thanks to our multi-year donors!          PO Box 2750, Ruidoso, NM 88355         Visit us on Facebook!