The Community Foundation of Lincoln County (CFLC) annually awards grants to non-profit organizations in and around Lincoln County. Grant amounts and the number of recipients may vary based on merit and the number of applications received. Deserving 501(c)(3) organizations are invited to apply for funding assistance, and referrals are also encouraged.


Application deadline is November 1st each year.


The Shelter Fund was established to assist members of the community who have experienced hardship due to unforeseen disasters such as fire or flooding. Intended to help those who suddenly find themselves without shelter, funds are generally granted for specific cases of need, and recipients are identified at the discretion of the CFLC Board of Directors on a year-round basis. If you would like to apply for funding, click on the button below to download an application, then submit it to and contact one of the CFLC board members (click here for a list) to ensure we are aware of your situation as soon as possible.



Harkey Orphan Fund

New Mexico Baptist Children's Home

Total Awarded since 2012:  $2,400

The Community Foundation of Lincoln County Grants

Total Awarded since 2012:  $101,877

Jan. 2021     Lincoln County Food Banks                            $45,500

Apr. 2020    Lincoln County Food Banks                            $35,000

Dec. 2020   Humane Society                                               $452.58

Dec. 2020   High Mountain Youth Project                             $1,500

Dec. 2020   Bonita Park                                                          $1,475

Dec. 2020   Dali Ballet                                                              $500

Dec. 2020   The Sierra Blanca Book Share                           $1,500

Dec. 2019    Santa's Helpers                                                     $750

Dec. 2019    Humane Society                                                    $500

Dec. 2019    Ronald McDonald House                                      $500

Dec. 2019    Hope Harbor                                                         $500

Dec. 2019    Volunteers of Bonito Fire Dept.                           $500

Dec. 2019    High Mountain Youth Project                               $500

Dec. 2019    SCM RC&D                                                             $500

Dec. 2019    Spencer Theater"Class Acts"                               $500

Dec. 2019    Heal / The Nest                                                   $1,000

Dec. 2019    On Scene Firefighter Support                              $500

Dec. 2018    The NMSU “Egg to Chick” program                     $575

Dec. 2018    Ruidoso Fire Dept. ("jump" supplies)                   $750

Dec. 2018    Hope Harbor (resident supplies)                         $250

Dec. 2018    Fort Stanton's student tours program                 $500
Dec. 2018    Spencer Theater's "Class Acts" program            $500

Dec. 2017    Ronald McDonald House                                      $525

Dec. 2017    Humane Society of Lincoln County                      $175

Dec. 2017    Lincoln County Food Bank                                   $300

Dec. 2017    Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts        $300

Dec. 2017    Carrizozo Public Library                                        $500

Dec. 2016    Sierra Blanca Book Share Project                        $500

Dec. 2016    Lincoln County Food Bank                                   $500

Dec. 2016    Creative Aging Advisory Committee                   $250

Dec. 2016    Capitan Public Library                                           $250

Dec. 2015     High Mountain Youth                                           $500

Dec. 2015     Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club                     $500

Dec. 2015     Carrizozo Food Bank                                           $500

Dec. 2014     Creative Aging Advisory Committee                  $500

Dec. 2014     Carrizozo Music                                                   $500

Dec. 2014     Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts      $500

Nov. 2013     Village of Corona Library                                    $400

Nov. 2012     Ski Apache Disable Skiers                                  $500

Nov. 2012     Capitan PTA                                                         $500

Nov. 2012     New Horizon Center                                            $500


The Corona Landowners Association Community Fund

Total awarded: $100,500

2020           Corona Public Schools                                     $46,000

2019            Corona Public Schools                                     $30,000

2018            Corona Public Schools                                     $15,000

2017            Corona Public Schools                                      $11,000

2016            Corona Public Schools FFA Trip                       $7,500

2014            Corona Public Schools FFA Trip                       $5,000

2013            Corona School Activity Fund                             $1,000

Partners For Animal Welfare

Since 2006, over $25,000 has been raised and spent on subsidized surgery
fees for spaying and neutering dogs and cats.


CFLC Shelter Fund

Total Awarded Since 2014: $13,500

Grants are given to victims of house fire and other calamities to their primary residence. This gives immediate temporary support in many different forms.